Facts you must know

  • Your safety when driving can only be ensured if your brake system is in perfect working order, because only then can you respond quickly and safely in a dangerous situation. That is why the brake system is the most important safety component in your vehicle
  • Every time you apply the brakes, the pads rub against the rotating brake disc. That is why the pads and disc wear down over time. So the quality of the brake components has an enormous influence on braking performance. At the same time, the handling, weight and speed of the vehicle also play their part
  • Uneven wear on the brakes increases the risk of skidding
  • Metal rubbing against metal when the brakes are applied, as happens when the brake pads are worn out, reduces braking power significantly and leads to a marked increase in frictional heat. The consequences are deep grooves and cracks on the friction surface of the brake discs, which affect braking performance over the long term
  • Brake discs and pads are subject to exceptionally high wear because of the stresses to which they are exposed. If one of these components is worn, it must be replaced immediately

Brake discs from Audi Genuine Parts

  • Ensure optimum safety through improved braking performance and short braking distances in various weather conditions and at various speeds
  • Are specially adapted to the weight and maximum speed of the vehicle, thus the material composition, weight and thickness of the disc or pads varies according to the model and engine type
  • Are capable of withstanding enormous loads. The brake disc does not warp or break – even when it is subject to forces of up to one tonne on hard braking
  • Are always reliable, even at extreme operating temperatures
  • Run without generating loud noise or vibration in the brake pedal
  • Ensure a long service life, especially when Genuine brake discs are used in conjunction with Genuine brake pads

Why you must always insist on Genuine Parts

  • Excellent braking performance and short braking distances through the use of compatible brake discs and brake pads
  • Break-resistant brake discs that offer a high level of stability
  • Low-wear brake pads
  • Consistent braking performance
  • Quiet and smooth (no judder or squealing)

Audi Genuine Parts

  • Are tailored to the quality of the components used in the manufacture of the vehicle
  • Help ensure coordinated interaction between all vehicle parts
  • Help ensure the highest possible level of safety through excellent performance and reliabilityThat is how your Audi stays Genuine.

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