Audi is revolutionising automotive sales – with an innovative showroom concept: Audi City provides a unique brand experience and allows visitors to explore the entire model range hands-on.

AudiCity: The world’s first interactive car dealership
A new era for car sales
The automotive world is changing rapidly – and so are the expectations and needs of those thinking of buying a premium car. They research the facts online and actively want to find out information for themselves. They place a great deal of importance on ratings and recommendations from social networks. Expectations of the experience and the consultation services at the dealership are therefore even higher.

The first hurdle is usually due to the fact that dealerships are traditionally located in industrial areas and suburbs due to a lack of space in town centres. With Audi City, Audi is responding to this situation and is taking its innovative concept into the very centre of large cities around the world.

With the aid of groundbreaking technology and state-of-the-art media facilities, visitors can experience the entire model range – several hundred million possible configurations, including all the colours, equipment/trim options and functions. All this in a limited space in the very centre of the city and true to the Audi brand pledge: “Vorsprung durch Technik”.

Audi City has already opened in London and Beijing and more locations, such as Berlin, Shanghai, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Moscow and New York, will follow in the next few years.

Audi City merges the physical and virtual world into one

In July 2012, the first Audi City opened near Piccadilly Circus in London – a genuine cyberstore in the heart of a metropolis. The brand’s entire diverse range of models can be experienced digitally in this compact space. The new Customer Relations Manager ensures visitors receive consultation that is even more customised in line with their needs, as well as individual services. But Audi City is more than a car dealership. During the day customers visit to find out about their new Audi, while in the evenings Audi City offers a diverse programme of readings, discussion forums and exhibitions – for example in relation to urban development and mobility or on subjects from the areas of art, culture and design.

Seamless: product experience from screen to screen

Audi City combines groundbreaking technology with top-class architecture: the multi-touch tables, tablet user interfaces and powerwalls are joined together to form one aesthetic entity.

Intuitive: configuration at your fingertips

The multi-touch tables await customers with emotional and brand-related video content, but also facilitate direct access to the configuration process.

Interactive: information and emotion in real time

Users experience the virtual product and explore their dream car from various different perspectives. They open doors and roofs, select and discover. In a nutshell, the configuration process becomes an emotional experience.

Intelligent: user experience with a focus on detail

The display on the screen responds to the users’ selections immediately. For example, it changes automatically to views that present the selected features in the best possible way.

Magical: product experience in original size

Once the users have finished their configuration they can swipe to project it onto the showroom walls in order to experience it on a full scale – a “magical moment” for every customer.

Technology-driven: personal consultation

Customers who want a personal consultation session are invited to a private area: a sales adviser uses samples of materials and colours to support the configuration process. They use RFID technology to interact directly with the configurator: when they are placed on the multi-touch tables, the configuration changes in line with the product samples. 

At the end of the consultation session, interested parties can take their configuration home with them on a USB stick.