carscoops | Sergiu Tudose | 07/18/2018

Audi‘s e-tron full-electric SUV was supposed to be unveiled on August 30th, although recently we learned that its reveal date has been pushed back towards the end of 2018.

Yet, the German automaker has already begun promoting the car, and we imagine that this prototype’s recent trip to Copenhagen is only the beginning. So then what’s it like to see Audi’s EV SUV driving around one of the world’s most traffic-conscientious cities? Pretty serene actually.

People who have visited the capital of Denmark already know that it’s one of the world’s greenest cities, where people love their bicycles and consider them convenient, efficient, healthy and climate-friendly means of transportation.

Sounds like the perfect place for Audi to test out the e-tron, seen as how its battery-electric powertrain can also be considered efficient and “green”, especially when compared to petrol or diesel-powered engines in particular.

The clip below is titled ‘The sound of the Audi e-tron prototype’ and despite the music, we can definitely hear how the car sounds as it whizzes by. If you’ve been around lots of electric vehicles before, you’re probably used to hearing mostly tire noise, but as far as most Audi drivers are concerned, the e-tron will be quite different from any previous Ingolstadt-built crossover they might have owned, even compared to the Q7 plug-in hybrid.