Audi drive select

Audi drive select

As you’re browsing the Audi lineup of new cars and luxury SUVs, you may have come across Audi Drive select and wondered what it was all about.  Hopefully this article will be able to help you better understand this impressive Audi technology that ultimately allows you to change the behaviour of your Audi using various Drive modes.

Concretely, Audi Drive select modifies various elements of the driving experience and mechanical components of the vehicle in order to personalize the behaviour on the road to your selected preference. In simple terms, Audi Drive select allows you to change the behaviour and personality of your Audi at the touch of a button.

Depending on the model, Audi Drive select will touch on the suspension, the steering feel, the engine mapping, the engine sound, as well as the transmission and the different stability control systems.  Different Audi Drive select modes are offered depending on the model. These include:


Comfort mode will reduce steering effort while also softening the suspension and ensure that the transmission shifts sooner, all with the objective of making the drive smoother and more enjoyable.


Auto mode is like the name implies, an automatic mode that strives to reach the perfect balance between comfort and sportiness while also adjusting various components to deliver the best driving experience in any situation.


Dynamic mode will sharpen the steering feel to allow for more precise cornering, stiffen the suspension and lower the vehicle when an air suspension system is equipped, and provide quicker engine response while at the same time quickening transmission shifts. The goal here is to extract the maximum performance out of your Audi.


Individual mode gives the driver control over the various components affected by Audi Drive Select. Want quicker shifts and more precise handling from the Dynamic mode but with a softer suspension from the Comfort mode? Individual mode allows you to do this.

Other Audi Drive Select modes:

Some Audi models have even more driving modes.

Allroad and Offroad: This mode will adjust the height of the suspension in order to provide better off-road capability while also displaying important data such as steering angle and vehicle angles.

RS Modes: RS modes are found on Audi RS vehicles and provide maximum customization opportunities for drivers to get the most out of their Audi RS vehicle, whether on track or off.

Efficiency: Efficiency mode will improve a vehicle’s efficiency and ensure the best fuel economy or extract the most range out of an electric battery.

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