Audi TT

Audi has built its reputation on its impressive Quattro all-wheel drive system, a permanent system that keeps you stable and connected to the road in any road condition.

Indeed, there are very few all-wheel drive systems that can match Audi’s permanent setup, especially when the snow starts to blanket the road. That said, Audi engineers have managed to improve Quattro and make it even more efficient, thus providing drivers with all of the advantages of Quattro, but only when they need them really.

Audi’s Ultra Quattro is designed to be more efficient

Here’s how it works. Under normal road conditions, a permanent all-wheel drive system keeps sending power to all four wheels, even if ultimately the car and the driver do not need that added stability. The end result is just higher-than-average fuel consumption.

With Audi’s Ultra Quattro system, a double-clutch system can disengage the rear axle when road conditions are clear. That means that when it’s nice out, only the front wheels power your Audi when it’s equipped with Audi Ultra. In other words, you get better fuel economy.

On the other hand, when it starts to rain or snow, or you need to get out of a snow bank or a slippery spot, Ultra Quattro engages both axles and all four wheels in order to provide you with all the grip you need.

In the end, you get the very best of Quattro, but with better fuel economy. To learn more about Quattro Ultra, contact us today at Downtown Audi!