Having your vehicle serviced at the dealership is always a wise decision and the best way to ensure your investment retains maximum value. We thought we would look at some of the reasons why having your vehicle serviced at your dealer is the best way to go.

Factory-trained technician

Dealership personnel are trained directly by the automaker in order to guarantee the quality of their work and to make sure they know exactly how to maintain and service your vehicle. This continuous training means that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies and the latest systems found in your vehicle.

Genuine parts

Your dealership will only install genuine parts when working on your vehicle. This helps maintain the reliability as well as the long-term value of your car or SUV. Moreover, they only use products that have been approved by the manufacturer to be used on your vehicle.

Genuine parts are the only parts designed specifically for your vehicle, and they are the only parts that are approved for use on your Audi. Therefore, having your vehicle serviced at Downtown Audi guarantees that only the right parts are used in the repairs.

Advanced diagnostic tools and equipment

By using only advanced diagnostic tools and equipment, your Audi dealership can quickly determine the problem and the appropriate way to fix it. Using modern facilities and technology, your dealership is better positioned guarantee the quality of the work and to make sure that the right repairs are done.

Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans

Many new Audi vehicles are offered with pre-paid maintenance plans which means that you don’t have to pay extra for routine maintenance. This is often offered with the vehicle out of the gate, so you may want to check if your Audi is covered by a pre-paid plan.
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