Executive Allowance Program at Audi Downtown Toronto

Executive Allowance Program

Executive Allowance Program (EAP)
Model Year 2019 Vehicles

Program Summary:

This program is available to Audi customers who receive a vehicle allowance as part of employment compensation to conduct their business. This is not a discount program for purchasing a vehicle for a family member.

The allowance must be a FIXED amount for the cost of a leasing, financing or purchasing a vehicle, not to cover expenses such as mileage, fuel or maintenance.

Only the person who receives the car allowance can be on the bill of sale and vehicle registration. No co-signers or secondary names on the registration are allowed or the claim will not be paid.

The following retail incentive rules apply to all purchase channels:

  • Cannot be combined with Ambassador program or other Corporate Sales programs
  • Can be combined with all other National, Regional or other retail incentives unless otherwise stated in program bulletin

In addition, the following specific channel rules apply:

  • Lease: Can be combined with special lease rates and residuals through Audi Financial Services. Can be combined with Loyalty.
  • Finance: Can be combined with APR special rates through Audi Financial Services. Can be combined with Loyalty.
  • Purchase: Cannot be combined with any special lease rates, residuals or APR rates offered by Audi Financial Services. Can be combined with Loyalty.

Eligible Vehicles:

Below are the eligible models listed for this specific program. Click the available links for the desired model to view inventory. In-stock inventory units are subject to dealer availability. Limited quantities apply. Please contact us for more details regarding savings, as they are model year and model specific.

Audi A3 Models List

Audi A3 Models

A3 | S3

Audi A4 Models List

Audi A4 Models

A4 | S4 | A4 allroad

Audi A5 Coupe Models List

Audi A5 Coupe Models

A5 | S5 Coupe

Audi A5 Sportback Models List

Audi A5 Sportback / Cabriolet Models

A5 | S5 Sportback / Cabriolet

Audi A6 Models List

Audi A6 Models


Audi A7 Models List

Audi A7 Models


Audi A8 Models List

Audi A8 Models


Audi Q3 Models List

Audi Q3 Models


Audi Q5 Models List

Audi Q5 Models

Q5 | SQ5

Audi Q7 Models List

Audi Q7 Models


Audi Q8 Models List

Audi Q8 Models


*TT (all) / RS (all) / R8 models excluded

Please contact us to speak with one of our Audi Brand Specialists for more information regarding this program.

Offers end January 2nd, 2020.

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