Step into the rings.

Eight is your new lucky number in the first-ever SQ8. Powered by a bi-turbo V8 engine, it delivers performance matched only by its style. Starting at $111,100 MSRP.


Number of cylinders





Number of gears


A born champion.

Just one glance tells you everything about the Audi SQ8. With strong shoulders, a low, aggressive roofline and a chiseled Singleframe grille, form and function come together in an undeniable athletic presence. Explore further details using the + below or by booking your personal virtual tour. 

Nobody's undercard.

While the exterior of the SQ8 might be a heavy hitter, the interior delivers luxury and quality like only an Audi could. Discover more features using the + below or by requesting an in person experience.

To be informed is to be empowered.

The facts and figures presented with modern, technical flair. An interface designed to be operated by intuition, helping you get connected and entertained along the way. Learn more using the + below or have technology come to you with an at home test drive.

Your confidence is our passion.

Engineered to help inform and create awareness, a network of sensors and cameras are designed to monitor vehicle conditions and the area surrounding the Audi SQ8. Within system limits, several standard and available driver assistance features can initiate preventative measures through the braking or steering system. Read more using the + below or book a test drive for the ultimate demonstration.

Express your true self.

With a variety of endless possibilities to tailor your Audi to your needs and tastes, Audi Accessories can create an Audi as unique as you are.

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Drive an Audi that’s as unique as you are. Build a model to your exact specifications or browse our current inventory.